How A Morning Routine Will Make This Your Best Ski Vacation Ever

If you put in the work, you'll thank me later

Everyone dreams of an epic powder vacation tucked away in the mountains, nuking snow and stoked to live out your ski movie fantasies. Anyone who’s watched a ski movie or know’s much about skiings knows, an epic powder day is why we ski. But, when you’re yearly trip to Jackson lines up with the biggest storm they’ve seen in 25 years, are you really going to be able to make the most of it?

By being prepared for anything on the hill, preparing your body and mind and having the proper gear, you’ll be able to approach your next ski vacation with confidence and peaceful ease. Once you’ve seen how easy it is to approach your morning and evening with tact and you’re equipped with the knowledge of why, you won’t be able to help the easy confidence that you’ll develop on and off your skis.

With my free courses on morning and evening routine, you’ll have an efficient list of ways to maximize your time, keep you safe, learn the most and have all of the fun. Let’s look at 3 reason’s why a morning routine will allow your dream ski trip to come to fruition:

Your body will be in top shape

Following the list of 5 things I do every morning will ensure you’re in prime athletic condition and ready for a full day on the hill. From hydration to nutrition, to how to warm up properly, you’re body will never be in better condition to ski. You’ll allow yourself more energy, mental clarity, stamina and capability of learning by efficiently getting the proper food, amount of water and love to your body. It may be hard to start this on your pow week because of the exhaustion of skiing so much pow, so implement it every trip and you’ll be ready for the best when you get your turn!

You’ll be prepared for anything

Not only will your body be ready for extended athletic activity; you’ll also have the right mindset, game plan and equipment. After checking out both my morning and evening routine you’ll know exactly what you need to do to be prepared for the situations you could be in. Preparedness is key to making the most of your day, something is bound to present itself as an obstacle, and I find the more prepared you are and the easier you manage those perceived stresses, not only do you more you attract good things to you more often, but nothing seems to big to overcome when you’re used to overcoming obstacles regularly. Kind of like the routine thing; when you routinely overcome life’s obstacles, because they’ll always be there, you’ll develop yourself into the most capable person possible. What could defeat you? This is the mindset that will allow you to have a dream vacation because no vacation will go how you plan but that can be perfect, if you’re ready.

You’ll have structure

This will allow you more time for other activities. If you’ve ever been on a ski trip you know it’s hard to ski all day, see the town, experience the culture, and actually feel like you’ve had a vacation. By taking a little bit of time for yourself, to make sure you’re prepared for the day. You’ll buy yourself peace of mind to be in the present moment and experience your vacation without the worry of wondering if you’ve done everything you need to. You’ll know that you’re doing everything you can to keep yourself healthy and return in one piece. You’ll be able to talk to more locals about the culture and find truly the must do experiences at your destination, instead of bugging them about information that they’ve repeated “too many” times to visitors. Most of all you’ll get into a rhythm, when you hear people say eat, ski, sleep, repeat; this isn’t far from the truth when you get into a nice cycle and it’s a really comforting feeling. Buy yourself the best vacation ever by designing your morning routine.

Making the most of your time and money on vacation is key to your satisfaction, let me help you with my tutorials and consulting. Your dream vacation is just a click away.

Check out the morning and evening routine video’s in my Free 3-Part Critical Key Course, available here, or the button below.

Much love,

Scotty C

PS If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong!

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