December 20, 2016

Peter Dopchev


Peter Dopchev

The creative process has always been a colorful journey for me – one that has led to meaningful friendships, amazing adventures, tons of fun and a few bitter moments to remind me what “sweet” tastes like. In fact, it is the challenges that keeps me strive boldly to finish a project, test my personal physical and mental abilities and hopefully make somebody smile at the end of the day.

A couple of years ago the creative process carved a path to the lovely town of Crested Butte in the state of Colorado and I followed it, and now this is “home” for me. My “real” home, however, is another small town in the Southwestern mountains of Bulgaria.

Traveling to different places, immersing in captivating cultures, and praising the breathtaking beauty all around us, were the main reasons, which pushed me onto the creative path of expressing myself through the means of digital media.

That ongoing process undertook a metamorphosis into crafting a vision, into choosing adventure, love, creativity and compassion. Those are my main personal values, which are the incentive for propelling forward. This is what gives me the urge to wake up before sunrise and stay after sunset; This is the drive behind my personal creative vision!

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