Why Beginner Skiers Are Put At Such A Disadvantage

It's not all in your head; skiing IS harder for beginners.
Do you know why?

So many beginner skiers are turned away or frustrated by the sport for various reasons, painful and uncomfortable boots, awkward learning curves, cold temperatures and outrageously expensive lessons. It’s an overwhelming and daunting situation, not only are you dealing with these extreme conditions but there is a whole new language involved. Why can’t it be more approachable?

Why can’t all of the information about skiing be in one place? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could ask a pro, someone who’s lived in the mountains their whole life, questions about your skiing, ski vacation or anything else snow? Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you were learning from someone who’s spent countless hours on the slope, not someone who learned how to teach skiing as they learned how to ski?

You can do all of this; and we at Academy of Skiing are here to help. Fundamentally, skiing is simple and outrageously fun. When equipped with a proper understanding of how to dress, the mechanics, the terminology, and a learning mindset; your progress will be unstoppable. Right now I’m going to walk you through 5 easy tips on how to dress to keep yourself protected from the elements, comfortable and nimble.

Tip #1: Layers, layers, layers.

By wearing layers, you give yourself the ability to adjust your thermometer in small increments, relying on too few layers can be a nasty trap, leaving you on either side of your comfort zone, sweating or shivering. Using layers is your best tool to combat low temperatures,  changing weather, sweating and other factors that you’ll be managing on the hill.

Tip #2: Windproof & waterproof outerlayers

NWT3K(pronounced Northwest Tech) is the outerwear I choose, it’s 3L which is a specific type of material(kinda like Gortex) that repels water and wind from the outside but allows water to travel out. Making it the perfect cold weather activewear. That combined with the right under layers is recipe for success. Whatever it is you choose for outerwear make sure it’s wind proof, water proof and ready to withstand the elements. You’ll get a discount code for NWT3K when you buy a package(which pretty much pays for itself.)

Tip #3: A buff or facemask

I use a thin face mask called a buff every day, it’s lightweight and super breathable. The thicker the face mask you use the more moisture it will collect. When you move and at low temperatures there is a good chance to end up with a frozen face mask and face if it’s too thick. I keep back up buffs in my pocket, at least 2 or 3 on a powder day, so that I can change out on the go and stay warm, comfortable and focussed on what matter.

Tip #4: Warm gloves

You’ll notice in a lot of videos, I may not have gloves on. I am an anomaly and 90% of the time can ski without hand protection. I DO NOT recommend this, I recommend a pair of Hestra leather gloves or work gloves from the gas station. No matter what, make sure you have something to protect your hands. It can be insanely irritating and distracting to have such a small factor effect your day so immensely. Invest in good gloves or mittens and take care of them, water proof them every season and dry them every night!

Tip #5: Thin socks

This may be the most important of them all, thin, lightweight socks are the best option for multiple reasons. Number 1, your boot liners are made to keep your feet warm as is, thin socks will give you the best integration of your foot to your boot and the best control on the hill. Not only will they give you the best control, they’ll keep you more warm than thick socks and here’s why. Less moisture can collect in them, allowing the heat to escape from your foot faster and leaving you with cold feet.

There you have it, 5 tips about dressing for the mountains. Want more about how I dress or my morning routine check out the videos here.

By giving you all the information you need before you get on the hill, you’ll be prepared for anything nature or your vacation could throw at you. Stay on the lookout for a ton of more information that’ll help you step up your ski game and have the best ski vacations of your life!


Scot Chrisman

PS. Remember if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

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